Within walking distance of the Ghent city center lies the hidden gem 'Het Rustpunt', in the monastery of the Carmelite brothers. You will feel like you went back in time when you walk in the large halls, or admire the splendid garden and orchard. This is really a place to unwind and center yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised by the modern furnished rooms which are equipped with every comfort.


A Stay in the Carmelite Monastery

Rustpunt is located in the centuries-old Carmelite monastery in the heart of Ghent. Situated close to the historical centre of the city, it is the ideal base for exploring Ghent and organising seminars, team building, workshops,... The rooms are completely renovated and equipped with all comfort.

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A Stay in the Nazareth House

Are you looking for a place where you can study, read or write in peace? You need silence for a longer period of time? That is possible in Nazareth House.

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A Stay in De Kluis

De Kluis is a detached historic building located at the back of the monastery garden. You can fully retreat to a climate of silence and tranquility. Anyone staying in De Kluis has access to the entire building and the surrounding private garden. The green surroundings of the monastery are ideal for strolling around and getting inspired.

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